Jane Fitzgerald
Executive Producer
Dustin Dellinger
Ron Bauman
Christoph Bell
Dave Pitone
Dustin is a radio and media producer based in the Philadelphia area and runs gashouseradio.com, the region's largest internet rock station. Dustin has produced many projects and events involving music and is branching into other forms of media. Ron is a marketing professional and owner of Philadelphia rock music venue Connie's Ric Rac Christoph is a recent Film and Theater graduate, looking to pursue his career in film-making and acting. Cafe Artist is his first feature length project. Dave, along with being an artist and musician, and in the Philly band Wooden HEZ, is a screenwriter who is making a turn to indie films with Cafe Artist. His ideas for the script came from writing at his local cafe and reflecting upon the difficulties in being an artistic lawyer.
Brian Kurtas
Casting Director
Luke Rihl
Steadicam Operator
Ujan Basu
Director of Photography
Dustin Foster
Charlie Dawson
Script Supervisor
Brian is currently the resident casting director for Philadelphia's Walnut Street Theater. In addition to theater, Brian has casted for TV and film, and has worked with headline entertainment from Philadelphia to Broadway. Luke Rihl's passion for the technical aspect of film making is translated through his projects. He jumps at every chance to shoot and has a very diverse body of work. Ujan Basu is a recent Temple University film school graduate who has significant experience with lighting, grip and camera operation, and has done location work in Los Angeles as well as Philadelphia. Dustin has been involved in all aspects of editing from film to TV to commercial. He's currently a partner Chop and Hue, a commercial production outfit. Dustin is considered one of the most talented editors in the Chicago area. Charlie is an aspiring screenwriter and musician. When not berating his friends into band practice he's writing spec scripts for cartoons.
Ass't Director
Jeffrey Scott Miller
Art Designer
Jacqueline Loro
Ass't Producer
Haftom Khasai
Camera Operator
Jeff Skomsky
Dialogue Recordist
Pheng has worked as a camera operator on field productions and as a camera operator, assistant director, and audio assistant on TV studio productions, and is now branching into indie films with Cafe Artist. Jeffrey Scott Miller is a seasoned graphic designer located in Philadelphia. His most recent film position was as Set Designer for a Commercial Producer in Los Angeles. Jacqueline Loro studied theater stage management before changing her focus to film and TV. She has most recently worked as a production assistant for independent film. Haftom is an aspiring film maker with years of experience in the field. He hopes to use his eclectic interests and various studies to inform his art. Jeff Stromsky is a student at TCNJ and is in the film program. He is getting is first experience in sound with Cafe Artist, running recording, mic and boom operation.
Jack Skkyler
Visual EF Editor
Joseph Miller
Music Supervisor
Oriana Pedrone
Music Supervisor
Matthew A.C. Cohen
Post Audio Engineer
Jack Skyyler graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA from Wells College where he studied Independent Film and Quantum Physics. He has won a REMI and 2 Best Director awards for his first feature Hitting the Wall, as well 8 international awards for his various indie film projects. Joseph Miller is a NYC-based music supervisor. When not selecting music for Emmy-nominated sports broadcasts, he works on independent films, various web series, and YouTube channels. Oriana Pedone is a recent early graduate of New York University, and aspires to be a successful music supervisor for film and media. Matthew A.C. Cohen is an award winning audio engineer that has worked on studio films, critically acclaimed TV shows, and triple A video game titles. He brings a unique take to the sonic space and is always looking for new ways to make incredible mixes.
Ruben Morales
Set Supervisor
Angelica "Pinky" Blyden
Sean Hilferty
Eggy Lee
Hair Stylist
Paul Devlin
Post Production
Ruben has years of experience in commercial production and most recently operated his own film studio in Miami before relocating to Philadelphia. Angelica 'Pinky' Blyden is a Cosmetologist and experienced Make-up artist, with a background in film projects, theatre and fashion. Sean has been involved with general media for several years. This is his first film project as Grip and Gaffer. Eggy Lee is a licensed cosmetologist who has loved doing hair since the age of 12. Currently he owns his own company FHhair and continues to make people look good on and off screen. Paul is a five-time Emmy award winner and a documentary film maker based in NYC. He is currently showing his newest film The Front Man at film festivals nation wide.